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Now Offering   LCSW Supervision

For GA Social Workers

I am offering virtual, individual supervision for $50 hr. We can work together to find an optimal time. 

In Supervision we will work together to ensure you know the rules and laws of social work as well as work to help you grow as a Social Worker. We will discuss ethics and case conceptualization as well as diagnosis and much more. 

Important Information about Obtaining Supervision in Georgia
According to the Georgia Board of Social Workers:
- The applicant must present evidence of having practiced clinical social work for a minimum of 3000 hours post social work master's degree supervised experience acquired over a period of no less than 36 months or more than 108 months, the first 2000 hours of experience must be under supervision and direction in the practice of clinical social work.
- Applicant must submit documentation of having acquired 120 hours of supervision during this time, no more than 50% of which may be group supervision and at least 50% must be provided by a licensed clinical social worker who meets requirements to be a duly qualified supervisor. (Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r. 135-5-.04 Clinical Social Workers)

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